A ghoulish pumpkin spray painted on a house in Newtown
The newtown clock tower on a cloudy day
Newtown famous martin luther king mural
street art on a wall by street artist Nico.
A wall mural by artist phibs on Holt Street, Newtown
A council warning sigh on king street Newtown
Resting my converse shoes after after a tour
<p>A tribute to our war veterans of yesteryear on Marrickville Bowls club</p>
<p>A street in Newtown on a cloudy day</p>
<p>A stencil of a body and ghost...</p>
<p>An artwork by steen jones</p>
<p>A panda bear on a porch pre-lockdown</p>
<p>A concrete shoe by sculpture artist Will Coles</p>