About US

Newtown Street Art is a business passionate about one thing - Street Art.

We want people to experience the amazing creations made by both local and international artists which we enjoy so much. It's our view all forms of art should be celebrated, including art that resides outside of gallery doors. That's why our tours showcase street art. Allowing people to experience art when may otherwise not. It's an opportunity for people to engage their creative side whilst taking in an alternate, less travelled, side of Sydney. The real Sydney. But we don't just stop with tours. We bring together all our favourite facets of street art into one place - from street photography to projects, we cover it all. 

Additionally to our love of art, we also have a strong social conscience. We believe in supporting local artists and businesses, and in that sense, all of our artwork is commissioned by the very artists that create street art. This also extends where possible to suppliers too... (and restaurants because running tours all day makes us hungry). It's our way of giving back to our local community and ensures that artists can do what they do best - create awesome street art. It also gives us piece of mind knowing that when you purchase a tour or product from our range, you're providing support as well.

So come join us for a tour, and as always, should you have any queries please feel free to contact us. 

We'd love to hear from you!

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