Newtown. It's street photographers dream, packed with architectural gems and olde world charm. But it's more than that and that alone. It's bohemian atmosphere allows sub-cultures to thrive and artistic freedoms to reign supreme, all amongst its tightly bound & intricate street maze. 

It's little wonder we spend hours at a time meandering the side streets and laneways photographing this gritty urban wonderland. It is, unequivocally awesome.

Of course, being local our view is unashamedly biased. Therefore in the efforts of fairness we've curated this website so you can decide for yourself.

As you can probably tell, our preferred photography style is black and white, with heavy edits on the extreme side of the curve. We don't seek perfection nor do we try to attain it. We aim to show beauty with our imperfections, thus matching the rough raw and gritty subjects we shoot. A style not dictated by convention nor expectation, but of our own making. Which, most importantly, we're proud to share with you all.