QUESTION 1 : How much walking is involved with your tours? 

A: That depends on the size of the group and number of stops to an extent, however tours generally last 2.5 hours. The terrain is mainly flat with slightly undulating areas and the pace is comfortable.

QUESTION 2 : Which tour should I take? 

A:  We'd say all of them! but we're biased of course. All our tours cover different areas and include a great range of street art, so the choice is really yours to make.

QUESTION 3 : Are all the tours the same? 

A: Absolutely not. The great thing about street art is we have absolutely no control over it, as street art by its very nature is always evolving.

QUESTION 4 : Do you operate your tours during inclement weather? 

A: We sure do! Whether it's rainy, cold, or windy our tours still operate. Just dress appropriately for the day and bring an umbrella or poncho if required (along with a sense of humor). Safety however is our main priority so your tour guide will confirm if conditions are safe to start, and/or continue and will advise you prior to the tour commencing or during the tour itself.

QUESTION 5 : How many guests are there per tour? 

A: Each tour is limited to 12 people. This keeps the tour more personal and enables us to see all the street art available in a timely manner.

QUESTION 6 : Do I need to make a booking? 

A: Absolutely. But don't worry, you can book right up until departure - so if you're in the area and feel like something great to do, just check the availability and book yourself in.

QUESTION 7 : Can I cancel my tour? 

A: Yes you can, however the refund will not include the booking fees as these are non-refundable. Contact your tour guide to make arrangements and refer to the terms and conditions for full details.

QUESTION 8 : How do I recognise the your guide? 

A: Your tour guide will be wearing clothing labelled "Newtown Street Art", so you shouldn't have any trouble spotting us. We also, in our wisdom, emblazened 'Tour Guide' on the garments just to make sure they're visible. Your guide will arrive well in advance of your tour so just keep an eye at your meeting point.

QUESTION 9 : When should I arrive for my tour? 

A: The earlier the better we say. As a rule, please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure. This gives us time to check everyone in, and gives you time to have a coffee and mingle with the tour group. Oh, and maybe do some leg stretchs. 

QUESTION 10 : What happens if I'm running late for my tour? 

A: We'll try to accomodate as best we can however in fairness to the other guests on the tour, departure will be at the designated time. Some planning ahead can alleviate this situation. Allow sufficient time to travel to Newtown and confirm with station guards that you're catching the correct train. If you're driving, allow time to walk to the meeting point from your parked vehicle.

QUESTION 11 : I don't see a tour available for the date and time I require? 

A: All our tours can be accessed via the 'click to book' button on our bookings page. We only list active tours with available bookings. If a tour is not listed it may either be fully booked or cancelled for an alternate reason (ie. weather, public holidays etc).

QUESTION 12 : What if I'm unable to print my ticket for the tour? 

A: Printing your ticket is our preferred method as we can scan the QR code on your ticket to check you in. However we understand there may be times when you don't have access to a printer, for example, if you've purchased tickets from your mobile phone. In these cases we can scan the emailed ticket from your mobile phone/tablet, or check you in manually after providing the appropriate form of identification (ie drivers licence, student id etc)

QUESTION 13 : Are your tours in-depth photographic tutorials ?

A: In short, No. We do not set up a camera and conduct 10 minute tutorials on its functions. That's not what we're about. We want to get you to as many locations as we can so you can feast your eyes upon these glorious murals and go snap crazy.  Street photography is at the heart of our tours and that's what we preach. The last thing we want to do is bore you to tears with a school excursion type lesson.